Older Photos


Trunk or Treat 2009

Hal 09 Click and Clack
Click and Clack’s first Halloween

Halloween 1 09

Baily & Pastor Hal09
Baily and Pastor Canessa

Hal 09 Rick
Rick and Reanette

Hal 09 Sharon

Frances and Judy Hal09
Judy and Frances

Anja Hal09
Anja the Good Witch!

Jennifer Hal 09
Jennifer the candy lady

Vacation Bible School: Studio Go! July 2009

Group pic VBS 09

Hal and David VBS 2009

Community Fun Day July 11, 2009

Fire Truck CFD 09

2009 Youth Beach Trip

We’re here, now what?

1 Beach 2009
Saturday, May 23  Sunset Beach, no sunburns (yet!)

Miriam David @ Beach
It’s all about the shade(s)!

What you do at the beach: SLEEP and Burn (in spots!)                  A hard life, but some one . . . (burning!)

Burn (but look cool)                                                          Look like you aren’t sleeping, just resting the eyes!

8:00 a.m. Sunday, May 24, Worship on Sunset Beach

The Children’s Message by Rev. Jack Patrick of Calabash Presbyterian Church

The Word of God Proclaimed!

Monday Morning, May 25, ready to hit the road!  (No one touch Amber’s sunburn!)

Women’s Birthday Luncheon 2009

Birthday Cake PW
Happy Birthday Presbyterian Women!

Ms. Reba PW
Reba McNeely’s grape salad was a big hit!

Mary Frances PW
Mary France McNeely enjoys her lunch

Frances and Family PW
Special guests of Judy: Good friend Frances with family.

Easter 2009

Confirmands, sponsors, parents
Confirmands, Parents, and Sponsors

Baptism AMber Baptism Justin
Baptism into the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Reafirmation Olivia and Marshall
Reaffirmation of Faith

Tiikkala Family
The Tiikkala Family

Cheek Family
The Cheek Family

Comfirmation Class
Olivia, Marshall, Justin, and Amber: We are very proud of you!!!

Easter Sunrise Service
April 12, 2009

Easter Sunrise
Pastor Tim Fluke and New Beginnings Pentecostal Church joined us for a beautiful Sunrise Service.

Easter Egg Hunt
April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt 09 Olivia and Amber
Amber and Olivia try not to make it too hard to find the Easter Eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt 09 Justin and Marshall
Justin and Marshall hide the Easter Eggs, “No throwing them!”

Easter Egg Hunt 09 Lake
Lake shows off the beautiful stained “glass” cross
he made.  (Sarah Cheek is the proud Grandma)

Easter Egg Hunt 09 Girls & Crafts 2
Having fun at the crafts table.

Easter Egg Hunt 09 Girls & Crafts
New friends having fun with coloring.

Easter Egg Hunt 09 Judy and Crystal
Judy and Crystal help our new friends with crafts.

Easter Egg Hunt 09 Amanda and Michael
Fun was had by all ages!  Amanda (Pastor Canessa’s dgt). and friend Michael

Easter Egg Hunt 09 Norma's GS
Grandchildren came and had an “egg-celent” time!  (Norma’s grandson)

Easter Egg Hunt 09 Lee
Lee had a basket full!

Easter Egg Hunt 09 Glaspys
“Mom, you are too slow!

Easter Egg Hunt 09 Hunting older
Looking for those Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg Hunt 09 Little Hunter
The Littlest Hunter

Palm Sunday
April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday 09, Canessa and Donkey
Pastor Canessa and Criss Cross the Donkey

Palm Sunday 09, Donkey
The Disciples (Neal and David Wilfong) bring the donkey for Jesus.

Palm Sunday 09, Ralp and Ann

Palm Sunday 09, Pardues

70+ Lunch

70+ 2009
First Row: Katherine Hart, Mary Rose Head; Second Row: John Sipes, Reba McNeely, Dean Beaver,
Mary Frances McNeely; Third Row: Phillip and Carolyn McCoy, Sarah Cheek (March 22, 2009)

Bethesda Choir at United Way Sing-a-thon

Choir @ sing-a-thon

Valentine Mystery Meal 2009

Carmens and Olivia Val09
Special guests: Herb and Fleta Carmen being served by Olivia

Brent Val 2009
Brent Eating Soup?

Dean & Chloee Val09
 Grandma Dean and Chloee                                                       

Canessa Val09

Pastor Canessa


Diane and Mom X-mas 2008

Diane Pardue and her mother at the Circle 1’s Christmas Party

Katherine and Mary Rose, X-mas 2008

Katherine Hart and Mary Rose Head at the Christmas Party!

Carolyn and Phillip, X-mas 2008

Phillip McCoy, Carolyn McCoy, and Jenny Cline enjoying the Christmas Party!

2008 Christmas Play Cast

2008 Christmas Play Cast (December 21, 2008)

Chloee and Mkenna Xmas 2008

Our littlest Angels!

Mkenna and Santa 2008

Santa pays a vist!

Chloee and Santa 2008

Kenneth Stafford, husband of Pastor Canessa, played Santa!

Judy and Santa 2008

Everybody got to sit on Santa’s Lap!  Encluding our favorite Sunday School teacher, Judy Weaver


Shoebox 11-17-08

Bethesda’s annual filling of shoe-boxes for Operation Christmas Child took place on Monday,
November 17, 2008.  We filled 91 shoeboxes and we are still counting! 
Mary Lois and Terry Oglethorpe did an outstanding job chairing this mission project. 
The blessing of the shoe-boxes will take place at worship on Sunday, November 23.


TrunkorTreat 2008 Anja and Ken

Anja Cheek and Ken Stafford

SIssie and Lee TorT 2008

It’s Thomas the Tank Engine and Elizabeth S.

Olivia and friends TorT 2008

More Tricksters!

Neal ToT 2008

Neal Wilfong dressed for the occassion